Frank Morgan
Frank Morgan



Frank Morgan

“It’s great to be alive!” exclaims alto saxophonist Frank Morgan, a man often at cross-purpose with himself, who despite habitual lotus-eating miraculously kept his blossom above the muck.

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All three American Composer Series posters are available free of charge.  They include dates and places of birth and death, complete lists of compositions by Monk and Coltrane, and one of hundreds of Mingus’ classics,  The Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife Are Some Jive-Ass Slippers.

  • Tenor saxophonist Harold Land was the highest caliber of gentleman and Buddhist which is why the crane, symbol of Nichiren Shoshu society graces his eye. 
    Harold Land
  • Frank Morgan struggles between lotus eating and enlightenment.
    He was my joy and pain, the love of my life. I miss him.
    Frank Morgan
  • "Hampton Hawes was the funniest man I ever met," saxophonist Frank Morgan told me. "Junkie to the core. Hamp was the last guy should've been in prison. But then, weren't we all?"
    Hampton Hawes received a presidential pardon from
    John F. Kennedy but died not long after from a cerebral hemorrhage.
    Hampton Hawes
  • Prez's music embodies the soul of beauty. Named The President by Billie Holiday he claimed to have psychic powers beneath his pork pie hat. Soft and gentle, unable to withstand the ugliness of racism, this man who was so creative he spoke his own language, eventually collapsed in on himself.
    Lester Young
  • I see the ferocious bassist/composer/iconoclast confronting some unfathomable insult to his humanity. Witness the lion's share of tenderness evidenced in "Goodbye Porkpie Hat"
    -penned for Lester Young
    Charles Mingus
  • I chose to work from an unusual photograph of Trane smoking a cigar because it captured the tone of a period of playing that was particularly volcanic. I attempted to give the portrait the feel of a mesmerizing African mask.
    John Coltrane
  • Monk used to come by Carmen McRae's apartment at three in the morning because he liked her piano.  When the neighbors complained she'd say "Tell them it's Thelonious Monk, they should ALL get up and listen!  Because he was a genius, without a doubt."
    Thelonious Monk
  • I chose a pink background in deference to his delicacy. The character played by Dexter Gordon in the film
    Round Midnight is based on the tragic life of pianist/composer Bud Powell.
    A heartbreaking poem HERE tells the tale.
    Bud Powell
  • After reading her autobiography, High TImes, Hard Times, I tried to do justice to the Lady.
    It's a scary book.
    Anita O'Day
  • A real Bulgarian Boogieman, Milcho Leviev defected from his native Bulgaria and walzed directly
    into the arms of the Don Ellis Orchestra, carrying only his pianistic/orchestrational/compositional skills
    and his diabolical sense of humour. 
    Milcho Leviev
  • A.k.a. William Sydney Henderson III or Keman Sunduza. Working for decades as pianist with Pharaoh Sanders, Keman was a player of the highest spirituality and universality.
    William Henderson